At Aella Jewellery it is our ethos to stimulate and facilitate the trade of luxury new and used watches to our corporate clients globally.

We are dedicated to fulfilling our customer’s specific and unique requests and we are unparalleled in this regard within the industry.

It is Aella Jewellery's company policy to provide exceptional customer satisfaction; as it is at the heart of what we do.

We also share an appreciation for luxury new and used watches with our clients and also undertake to deliver the requisite timepiece at a significant reduction.




Aella Jewellery holds an extensive and varied collection of new and used watches.

We have a substantial selection of brands: For instance Patek Phillipe, Audermas Pique, Rolex, Omega, Hublot, Tag Heuer.

What we do not hold in stock, we are delighted to source and order from our trusted agents. Every transaction is different and there is no standard time frame for delivery; therefore watches held in stock will be delivered sooner than watches that have to be specially sourced, (subject to contract).

We will do our best at all times, to deliver your order purchased within an expedient time frame.



All new and used watches are sourced from authorised agents and come with a manufacturer’s warranty to certify that they are genuine.


Our prices are low, due to the manner in which we purchase our goods.

Our large stock acquisitions enable us to reduce prices.

As a result of a fluctuating market, discounts and duties are affected accordingly. Therefore each item sold will reflect commercial influences at that time.

Units bought in bulk will be supported by a trade contract agreed between Aella Jewellery and the client; with terms and conditions being specific to that agreement.



In line with current International Commercial Law, Aella Jewellery will use the UK as jurisdiction for individual unit consignment.

It is general practice for Aella Jewellery to employ INCO Term ‘DAP’ (Delivered at Place). ‘DAP’ means that Aella Jewellery is accountable for the item until it is safely delivered to your door. We adopt this practice to engender piece of mind and trust. ‘DAP’ ensures limited risk to you and timely delivery.

All consignments carry full indemnity for damage, loss, or stolen items that may occur in transit. To reduce risk Aella Jewellery uses the best courier services; such as Ferrari Express, and UPS.



Aella Jewellery is renowned for its passion and resourcefulness; we love what we do!

We will always do our best for you, and go the extra mile. We seek to build long term relationships and trust.

We are pleased to provide references of jewellers and traders upon request.